Frequently Asked Question’s

1. What time will the staff arrive?

The staff will arrive approximately 4 hours before the chosen serve time or roughly 20 minutes before if U-serve menu

2. What will the staff need supplied?

The staff will need access to running water and tables to serve with, but capital roast has other protocols which can be actioned if necessary

3. How is the meal served?

The meal will be served buffet style. Staff will serve out the meat and any hot vegetables. But the guests will be able to serve out any salads or condiments they wish to have.  No waiting, by utilizing a buffet style meal approach and allowing everyone to pick and choose, granting people the choice of their meal.  Guests can get up and refill whenever they like and no one needs to wait for seconds.

4. payment?

We do not ask or accept deposits.  When we confirm the details for your event we will run through the payment process.  The three payment methods that we accept are cash, credit cards and electronic funds transfer (EFT).  There is a credit card surcharge of 3% As for credit cards we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.  Payment is expected prior to the function date unless agree upon with management.

5. Needs

Capital Roast is able to cater for a variety of needs such as gluten free and vegetarian.  All meats are Halal, free range and grass fed.

The Capital Roast team is happy to work with vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Halal, kosher and any other dietary requirements.